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Lanier Technical College provides instructors and equipment for five classrooms at the Lanier Career Center. These classes are available to Academy students who meet the requirements for admittance to Lanier Tech.
Career Academy and the local distribution office of PEPSI have worked together for many years in supporting academic achievement and good school attendance among our students.

A unique partnership was formed with an adjacent church, Red wine United Methodist Church. The church gave the school space for a childcare and the family and consumer science class for five years. Members of the church volunteered their time to work with the children and the parenting students. In addition, they donated supplies for parents who were struggling economically.

At Christmas, church members adopted students and their families and gave them items requested from ‘Santa’. They also host a dinner for the parenting students and their families. Even though the school does not use their facility any longer, the church still continues to support the parenting students in their efforts to get an education.

DHR District 2 Health enables the school to provide outreach and education through its Youth Development Program. This program provides two social workers to facilitate programs aimed at reducing risk behaviors. One social worker is assigned to Career Academy while the other works with the Alternative Learning Center. Through this program, youth participate in leadership seminars, produce public awareness programs, and speak to civic organizations.

The social workers also help ameliorate any problems that may be interfering with a student’s attendance in school or participation in class. The grant also supports United Way agencies in presenting programs to secondary students regarding safe relationships. In addition, Prevent Teen Pregnancy holds support groups for pregnant and parenting teens.

A cooperative program with Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Hall County Health Department, Medical Auxiliary, and Junior League of Hall County provides a mobile health unit that visits twice a month. Students have access to medical services such as immunizations, check-ups, and general information. Parenting students take their infants and toddlers for immunizations and well baby checks.

Right from the Start Medicaid has a field office at the school. The staff is available to help our students take advantage of the medical services offered to eligible persons. Peach Care information is also made available through this office.

United Way of Hall and many of its member agencies work in the school setting, providing programs on positive relationships, prevention of domestic violence, parenting skills, and other important life skills. Red Rabbit Public Transportation System offers public bus service to the campus since school transportation is not provided to students attending Career Academy.

From its very beginning, the staff members at Career Academy wanted the school to be part of the overall community, an extension and reflection of the community. In addition, they recognized that the school system could not provide all the support services needed to help youth stay in school.

Community entities were invited into the school and were given ample opportunity to partner for the purpose of enhancing student achievement and behavior. Partnerships and collaborations strengthen the program and give students the tangible evidence that the community cares for them.

Career Academy’s design for instruction was based upon similar programs in Georgia and other states. The successful components from other locations were incorporated into Career Academy with modifications based upon local needs. The school offers several methods of obtaining high school credit including the traditional teacher-directed classroom, independent study, on-line learning and correspondence courses.

There are four 39-day sessions each year that allows students to earn a maximum of eight Carnegie units per year if a student chooses to take four classes per session. Classes are held four days per week, Monday through Thursday, beginning at 2:00 p.m. and ending at 10:00 p.m.

Teen parents are encouraged to finish high school and this encouragement comes in the form of many support services available to them at Career Academy, including childcare for infants and toddlers. Teen parents who enroll in Career Academy do not follow the trend of most teen parents – having a second or third child. Parenting students who regularly attend the program seldom have a second child.

When teens develop an awareness of their importance and the value of education, they have a greater likelihood of abstaining from having a second child. Childcare is provided through a cooperative program with Ninth District Opportunity – Headstart Program.

A student needs a copy of his or her transcript that is a record of all high school courses attempted and completed. Once the student enrolls in school, the school will request all other pertinent information from the previous schools. Prospective students should bring the name and address of all schools attended in the past so that records may be requested.
Career Academy offers both the college preparatory and technical preparatory diploma programs of study to high school students. Students must complete the state requirements for a high school diploma and pass the state-mandated Graduation Tests.
The school is fully accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), a regional agency that accredits public and private schools. The school participates in a continuous school improvement program that is monitored by SACS with site visits every five years.

The Career Academy is funded in the same way as other public schools in the county: state and local tax revenue support its operation. Students living in Hall County or Gainesville City school districts are eligible to attend Career Academy.

Students outside the districts may attend on a tuition basis. Students who attend Career Academy full-time earn state funds. Students who attend high schools during the day pay tuition since the Career Academy does not earn state funds for their enrollment.

The initial effort began in 1988 when a group of citizens and educators from both the city and county school systems developed a video about the dropout problem in our community. From then to 1994, there were several surveys conducted by the community and schools that demonstrated the need for a school that differed from the traditional day school program.

In the summer of 1994, a member of the Hall County Board of Education, Margaret Newberry, introduced a motion to fund an evening high school. The Board unanimously approved it. This was followed by approval by the Gainesville City Board of Education to financially support the effort. A principal was hired in October to organize and implement the school for opening in January 1995.

The Career Academy has its roots in the Hall County-Gainesville Evening High School that opened in January 1995. For five years, the school shared a facility with Johnson High School before moving into its own small facility in July 2000. In August 2004, students welcomed the new facility on Atlanta Highway.
No. The GED program is administered through Lanier Technical College’s Adult Education Program. Students prepare for the GED test by studying specific content that enable them to pass the GED test.

People may choose a high school diploma or a GED; either credential will help a person move into a college program for further training and education.

Residents of Hall County between the ages of 16 to 21 who do not attend a day school may attend Career Academy at no cost. Other students must pay tuition since Career Academy does not receive any state funding for these students.
Any student, age 16 or above, is eligible to enroll at Career Academy.
Lanier Career Center is the total facility that houses the Lanier Career Academy, Lanier Technical College, Ninth District Headstart, Medicaid, and GED Preparation for Young Adults. The purpose of the facility is to make learning accessible by removing barriers that often prohibit young adults from completing a high school education.

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