Project Forward

Project FORWARD is a program for students 17-20 years old, who have 10 or fewer high school credits and are unlikely to earn a high school diploma. The purpose of this program is to help students improve their chances for a more successful future. The program spans one semester and focuses on three primary goals:

  1. Develop the employability skills needed to get, keep and advance in a job;
  2. Improve basic skills necessary to enter into a GED program; and
  3. Improve basic skills necessary to take the Compass exam, which is required for entrance into Lanier Technical College’s career courses.

As part of Project FORWARD, students will be enrolled in LCCA’s Workforce Development course where they will research various careers, set career goals for the future, participate in internships, and develop the skills needed to be successfully employed. Project FORWARD students will also meet with Lanier Technical College representatives about career opportunities in fields such as automotive repair, welding, construction, landscaping, nursing, cosmetology, and others.

Project FORWARD students work on strengthening basic academic skills in math, reading and writing through online learning. Focusing on these areas will better prepare students for the GED and the Compass exam, both of which will be needed to enter career preparation programs at Lanier Technical College.

Students will have several opportunities during the semester to take the Compass exam at the college.   Project FORWARD staff will make all of those arrangements and will accompany students to the exam site.

As part of this program, students will also visit Lanier Tech’s GED center to learn more about the requirements for the GED and the tutoring that is made available through Lanier Tech. GED classes and the GED exam are available in both English and Spanish.

Near the end of the Project FORWARD program, staff will accompany students to Lanier Tech’s GED site to enroll in the GED program. As students begin in Lanier Tech’s GED program, enrollment at Lanier Charter Career Academy will end.

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