Beyond E2020

We all know that sometimes E2020 talking heads just don’t seem to give you enough. You want to ask a question, but your teacher is busy helping another student. Need something to do while you wait?

Try some of these options!

-Safari Montage-

Safari is a video on demand site. When you get to the site, log in with the same information you use to access a school computer. Simply search for the topic you are studying to see if there are any videos that may help you. You can add information from the videos to your E2020 notes and written notes. Not every topic has a video, but you WILL find a lot here to keep you learning and help you succeed.

-School Tube-

School Tube is similar to other popular video sharing sites except that it is intended solely for use by school staff and students. You will find tons of videos made by teachers and students. There is a video for almost every topic covered in your E2020 classes. These videos are “Buyer Beware” in content, but you will still find many of them useful. Did you need an example of a math problem solved for you….? then try this site.

-Teacher Tube-

Teacher Tube is similar to the website above. Make sure you select ‘Videos’ from the blue menu bar near the top of the webpage. These videos are also “Buyer Beware” but can and will help you do better in your E2020 and live taught classes.

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