Programs of Choice


Part-Time CTAE Pathways

All Hall County School District students have access to a variety of Career, Technical and Agricultural pathways by attending as a part-time student. Students who wish to attend one of the LCCA pathways simply list their choices during the regular registration process at their school.

Pathway areas include:

Agricultural Mechanics Pathway Hospitality Recreation & Tourism Pathway
Agricultural Mechanics/Electrical Systems Pathway Culinary Arts Pathway
Heating, Vent, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Personal Care Services – Cosmetology Pathway
HVACR Electrical Pathway Marketing Communications & Promotion Pathway

Full-time LCCA Enrollment

Specialized Work-Ready Programs of Choice

The Lanier College & Career Academy mission centers on the philosophy of “LCCA Students are Job Ready”. In order to achieve our mission we have focused on the needs of local business and industry to enhance our instruction and develop programs that ensure our students gain the skills necessary to meet the demands of the job market. Our partnership with Lanier Technical College enhances this goal through dual enrollment course work.  Students will earn industry-recognized certifications, which can also lead to a diploma or degree in their specialized work-ready area.

Hall County students now have a Program of Choice option that focuses on their desire to link passions of interest to real life experiences with our business and industry partners.  Students will be involved in youth-based apprenticeships that could lead to post-secondary full-time employment.

Specialized Work-Ready areas are:

Agricultural Mechanics/Industrial Electrician Certification 

With the demand for skilled tradesman at an all-time high, this program is designed to fill the growing need for professional electricians and industrial maintenance personnel in the global market. Upon successful completion of the program, students will understand electrical safety, basic blueprint reading, basic AC electrical theory, basic DC electrical theory, residential & industrial electricity installation practice, electrical testing/troubleshooting, electric motor theory, and industrial machine maintenance. Students will experience hands on learning through lab activities, real-world projects, and internship experiences with local electricians and industrial maintenance programs.

Agricultural Mechanics/with Welding Certifications

Welding is a vital part of our society’s infrastructure. As a result, career opportunities in the welding field are endless and in-demand.  Upon successful completion of this program, students will be ready for the challenges of this growing field. Students will learn basic blueprint reading, metallurgy, safety, testing, fabrication, as well as inspection. Theoretical and practical study covers carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and other materials. Curriculum includes instruction in oxy-fuel cutting, shielded metal arc, gas metal arc, and gas tungsten steel welding techniques.

HVACR (LCCA)/Basic Residential AC System Design Certification

If you desire to pursue a role in the world of HVACR, then look to an education that combines industry leaders, a hands-on environment, and industry-relevant curriculum. Coursework includes hand/power tool usage, Basic Electricity, Basic Plumbing, Duct Fabrication and more.  Through our apprenticeship program student’s gain on-the-job training with top, local companies coupled with academic instruction. Through your studies, you will also acquire respected certifications and be “JOB READY”.

Culinary Arts (LCCA)/Culinary Arts Diploma with Certifications

The Culinary Arts Program of Choice offers students a practical education in food production, while developing professionalism and excellence in academic achievement. Studentsʼ progress through the program with direct contact with local restaurants and business owners in conjunction with courses offered in partnership with Lanier Tech College. Students will build proficiency in food production and cooking, cost control, food safety and sanitation.

Cosmetology (LCCA)/State Cosmetology Board Licensure

This program is designed to provide competency-based knowledge, scientific/artistic principles and hands-on fundamentals associated with the cosmetology industry. Our program follows the Georgia Board of Cosmetology requirements, including completing 1500 clock hours of practical and theory work. Once all requirements are met, students will be eligible to take the Georgia Cosmetology License exam to become a Master Cosmetologist.

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